Available Positions

Date: August, 2017

PhD position for this academic year has been filled. Please keep an eye out for PhD and postdoc positions for 2018/19 academic year.

Date: January, 2017

Research positions are available for students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering.

The research activities in the Multiphase Flow and Combustion Laboratory are focused on fundamental multiphase flows, non-reacting and reacting fluid dynamics, combustion systems, data analytics and high-performance computing. Experience in C/C++/Fortran is required. Coursework in fundamentals of combustion, turbulent flows and numerical methods will be a plus (but not required).

Candidates interested in joining the research group should send a short cover letter and the current CV to Prof. Khare at Prashant[DOT]Khare[AT]uc[DOT]edu.